We are always going to buy stuff for our homes.

But by creating the most sustainable version of the things people need the most, we can have a net positive impact on the planet. Today, that means 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic bottles and tree-free paper. It means sourcing organic ingredients and avoiding toxic chemicals. It means donating excess products. It means carbon offsetting both through reforestation and carbon-neutral shipping. 

But we’re just getting started. Every day brings a new chance for us to be even better to our planet. We’re always improving how we do things, and you can find more details about some of the folks who help us do that below.

Safe, sustainable ingredients

Meet Our Partners

Clean the World.

We’ve partnered with Clean the World on some of our hospitality clients to collect partially-used hygiene and personal care products, recycling the plastic and repurposing the rest into hygiene kits for those in need.

Eden Reforestation Projects

We partner with Eden Reforestation for their combined mission of reducing extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests. For every order placed, Public Goods plants a tree with Eden’s help. To date, we’ve planted over 363,000 trees and counting. That’s more than 18 times the number of trees in Central Park.

St. Mary’s Food Bank

Through our ongoing partnerships with St. Mary's Food Bank and Community Food Bank in New Jersey, we donate all of our near-expired products so someone in need can benefit from them.

We don’t compromise
on quality.

Whether we’re testing that every last ingredient
we use is clean and healthy, or sourcing the finest organic cotton for our towels, we don’t release a product into the world until we’re sure it’s meeting our (very high) standards of sustainable quality.

We have the highest standards when sourcing products


Our bottles are made from 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic.
We source biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic. Our paper products are tree-free. Every shipment to you is carbon offset and we plant a tree for every order.


Our products are made from wholesome ingredients that are always clearly labeled. They’re free of parabens, sulfates, toxic chemicals, and unnecessary additives — pure and simple. We offer organic, non-GMO groceries, with plenty of vegan and gluten-free options.


We design products to be beautiful in your home. Our products use simple, minimal packaging to compliment any space.

We're obsessive
about design.

So many of the products we all buy have been designed to scream at you from a store shelf
(or, say an Instagram ad), but we create our products and packaging to look beautiful in your home. As we grow our houseware line, the same obsessiveness applies to the grain of a cutting board and how a water glass feels in your hand.

Membership gets you wholesale prices.

Public Goods works with slimmer product margins than traditional brands and retailers. We’ve cut out the middleman and produce our own products to create a model that gives access to healthy and high-quality sustainable goods, at wholesale prices. While competitors make up to 80% profit margin on products, we stay below 25% — so the savings are passed down to you.

TLDR: Our member-only savings gets you better value without compromising quality or the environment, just ask our 100,000+ members.

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