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Braided Money Tree 8"


Braided Money Tree 8"


The Braided Money Tree gets its name from its unique braided trunk and is known for its interesting shape and bright green leaves. Although this plant arrives petite, it can grow as tall as 10 ft. if well taken care of. Native to Central and South America, the Braided Money Tree loves bright indirect light and watering once the top 1" to 2" of soil is completely dry. Your plant comes in a biodegradable pot! While you can always repot your plant entirely, you can simply place the entire plant, with the pulp pot, into a decorative pot of your choosing.

Plant Size: 24" to 36" tall
Grows up to: 10' tall
Pot Size: 8"

Our 8" plants are a perfect fit for repotting into our 
Large Stoneware Planter.



Braided Money Tree (Pachira aquatica).

Plastic pots.

Plants will arrive happy & healthy.

Place your plant in a room with bright indirect light. It will even thrive in fluorescent light. Water thoroughly when top 1" to 2" of soil is dry.

Temperature Tolerance: 65° - 80°F
Plant Size: 24" to 36" tall
Grows up to: 10' tall
Pot Size: 8"
Pet Friendly: Yes

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